LG announces Google Cardboard-based VR for G3

LG’s VR headset for G3

LG have joined hands with Google for delivering virtual reality in a much easier and convenient way to their consumers. The South Korean Electronics Company will be offering a VR headset based on Google’s Cardboard project to the future buyers of the LG G3 smartphones. Well, the catch here is that the buyers won’t have to spend a single penny for the VR headset. LG’s VR for G3 is based on Google Cardboard platform is compatible with Google Play store, thus it will allow the G3 owners to download and experience a growing range of VR-compatible apps and games.

LG’s VR headset for G3

Made out of plastic with no assembling required, the VR for G3 wearable differs from other consumer- oriented head-mounted VR devices which comes equipped with their own processors and displays. The wearable takes advantage of the LG G3’s Quad HD display and its visual and sound capabilities to offer sharper image quality and a lighter, smoother and realistic experience top the users. Leveraging the smartphones Rear Key layout, the unique design of the LG’s headset takes benefit of the phone’s speaker to provide clear and richer sound to the user.

LG’s VR headset for G3

VR for G3 comes with a neodymium ring magnet on the side which works with the magnetic gyroscope sensor in the G3, thus allowing the user to select applications and scroll through menus without touching the display. LG will roll out the VR headset for G3 as a part of promotion in selected markets this month.

Via: Gizmag/ LG



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