Drone delivering flowers to lover – Valentine’s Day idea perhaps!

Flower Drone delivery

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, literally! A Hong Kong based flower delivery start-up “Gift Flowers Hong Kong” has come up with a very unique way to spread love this Valentine’s Day. They are using DJI drones to deliver fresh flowers to your loved ones in Hong Kong to express affection in a very tech savvy way. AS you can see from the video clip below, the company shows how the drone delivers a bunch of roses to the intended location without hitch.

To make the preparations free from any glitches, the company has extensively tested the flower and bouquet delivery by drone. Apparently, this is the first ever flower drone delivery service in Hong Kong and Asia which is quite heartening. It remains to be seen how many people opt for this option on Valentine’s Day to surprise their lovers.

But the catch is that company officials said that due to restrictions and current controversies regarding the flying of drones in unrestricted locations, this delivery service might have to wait for some time now. Although when it gets started, one can expect to see drones flying with fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day next year hopefully.

This could also be a DIY idea to geeks out there who want to express their love in style and maybe they can come up with their own version of drones carrying flowers to their secret lover!



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