LUTZ Pathfinder – UK’s first driverless electric car hits the road

LUTZ Pathfinder electric car

Amidst all the craze for self-driving cars, Britain’s first driverless electric-powered car has been launched in Greenwich and it was spotted being driven in neighborhood. The pod-like two-seater automated car developed by Transport Systems Catapult in partnership with UK Automotive Council, University of Oxford Mobile Robotics Group and other groups. Codenamed as LUTZ (Low-carbon Urban Transport Zone) Pathfinder programme, the electric car is equipped with sensors, multiple cameras and navigation technology developed by University of Oxford’s Mobile Robotics Group.

Rather than having only cameras as the guiding element, LUTZ Pathfinder focuses on using high-end sensors to do all the navigation. The pod will have radars, lasers and panoramic cameras in the future as final phase of development kicks-in. The car can go for a non-stop run of 8 hours before it needs a recharge and the top speed is around 15 miles per hour. You might believe that it is not fast enough when compared to other self-driven electric cars, but it makes sense since it is planned to be driven only on sidewalks.

On the inside, this driverless electric car will have two screens; one that displays all the vital information to the driver and another that will be for entertainment purpose. The car can be driven to a maximum distance of 40 miles, and that isn’t bad either.

It is believed that almost 40 LUTZ Pathfinder pods will hit the sidewalks by this summer which is good news for British residents.

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