Scrabble Twist: Handheld version of the popular word game

Scrabble Twist by Hasbro

In this world full of technology, setting up your Scrabble gameboard in a public place seems a little outdated. Well, to make it stand proudly with the hi-tech gadgets of today, Hasbro, an American multinational toy and board game company have given a little twist to the word game. Using modern technology and a bit innovation, Hasbro have developed a new digital and portable version of the game. Called Scrabble Twist, the handheld game is a much more fast-paced version of the original and is best suited for get-togethers and for the younger generation.

Scrabble Twist by Hasbro

The device comes with five LCD touchscreens, each one of which displays a letter and is generated randomly at the start of each round. Each player is given a five letters to build a word in 15 seconds time. The user taps on the letter to put them in the suitable order and then twists the device to lock their word in place. The sorted words by the players are automatically approved and when the game ends each player is also scored automatically by the device.

Scrabble Twist can be played in three modes: a party mode for a small group, turbo challenge between two players and solo if you want to play alone. Scrabble Twist by Hasbro will be available this fall for a pocket-friendly price of $20.

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