How to make your own laser assisted blowgun for just $3

Laser assisted blowgun

DIYer Grant Thompson has made a dirt cheap laser assisted blowgun inspired by his son’s quandary. His 5 year old son was curious if his dad could make something from a piece of PVC pipe, and Grant immediately got the idea for making a blowgun. It took him around two weeks to complete this project and the dart blowgun has an accuracy of over 100 feet which is quite impressive.

During the initial phase of development, Grant used paper ammunition rolled with a tip of canyon. Later on when the blowgun was complete, nails were used as the ammunition and one can stuff-in anything the size on mini-marshmallows. To add some coolness to the gun, he customized it with catching patterned design. The gun itself is quite powerful as it can push darts into wood, concrete and other material too.

In the video Grant explains how this blowgun is made and you can also venture out on making one for yourself. Although keep in mind not to blow any sharp nails or other material on your friends though.

Laser assisted blowgun

Via: TheAwesomer



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