FlexPV wheel offers electric power to your bicycle or skateboard

FlexPV electric wheel by Flexbot

Flexbot, the China-based team which in 2013 developed the world’s first smartphone controlled drone called Flexbot is back again with their newest gadget. Called FlexPV, the innovative product is a small electric wheel that can offer some additional power to your bike or skateboard. Propelled by a durable hub motor, it simply works as an add-on contraption and transforms your bicycle, skateboard or even your sofa into an electric one within a matter of minutes. The battery powered wheel can be controlled by a remote or through a smartphone app.

FlexPV comes with three modules namely the battery module, the motor module and the control module. The battery module uses Panasonic 18650 power batteries and can also be paralleled with other battery modules to increase the driving distance significantly. The motor module is made up of a hub motor that offers 150W of power, 36V of voltage and 4N.m of torque. The control module comes with an inbuilt gyroscope to transform the objects into a self-balanced car.

FlexPV electric wheel by Flexbot

Using the hand-held remote, the user can adjust movements of the wheels and can also set PID parameters, power display and driving distance. He can also switch between remote control and auto balance modes via Wi-Fi. More details will be revealed about the FlexPV wheel with its launch on Kickstarter in March 2015.

FlexPV electric wheel by Flexbot

Via: Techinasia



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