Retired mechanic hand-builds smallest functional W32 engine

Miniature W32 engine by Patelo

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, the retired Spanish naval mechanic behind the world’s smallest V-12 engine and number of complex mini-motors is back again to amaze us with his latest creation. Nicknamed Patelo by gearheads and auto junkies, the die-hard mechanics pensioner have now created a miniature, running W32 engine which is nothing less than an intricate work of art. One of the toughest project of the hobbyist until now, the hand-crafted W32 engine is surely his most complex work and probably the most beautiful too.

Made using artisanal methods, the smallest W-32 engine in the world produces little to almost no vibration and runs so smoothly that you can balance a coin on it. Built from scratch, the fully functional miniature W32 engine features 32 pistons and 850 pieces machined by Patelo himself. These parts and pieces were then assembled with 632 individual screws. The fully functional Motor W-32 was completed after 2,520 hours of hard work and devotion of the artist. Patelo has dedicated the W32 engine to all his friends and followers around the globe.

Miniature W32 engine by Patelo

Via: Roadandtrack



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