Google working on body odor eliminating wearable fan design

Google wearable portable fan

Sweating can be irritating and embarrassing at times, whether you have had an intense session in the gym or hit a purple patch during your athletic sessions. Body odor can be a real turn-off and it needs to be attended proactively to prevent any mortification. You can use deodorants or other body odor eliminating products, but they can last only a few hours. This has prompted Google to come-up with patent for a portable fan attached to the body that detects the signs of physical activity and immediately sprays fragrance with a cool dab of air.

Google portable fan for body odor

To make this device even more tech savvy, it’s going to be connect to the cloud to detect any social-networking contacts nearby. If it detects the contacts in the vicinity, it immediately sets into action and suggests alternate routes so that you might not bump into them with all that foul smell around. Perhaps a good leverage to have if you always want to have control over the people you meet when you are done after excessive physical activity.

Google portable fan for body odor

The patent for such a device has been filed in 2012 and granted by the United State Patent and Trademark Office just a couple of days ago. It however remains to be seen if Google comes up with a commercially available product that vouches to remove body odor in this manner. Perhaps another example of wearable technology in offering for all of us in the future.

Source: NYDaily



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