Zyro DroneBall – A drone you can play outdoor games with

Zyro DroneBall

A project is up on Kickstarter that brings done play to the masses, and for reasons I’m wondering why! The Zyro DroneBall quadcopter is intended to be played like an outdoor sport where it acts as a prop. Much like a puck in hockey or shuttlecock in badminton, this drone can be maneuvered from side to side between players using a wand like device that redirects it in the intended direction. One can play games with up to four DroneBalls or initiate multiplayer games with other remote-enabled drones.

If you already have a drone and want to incorporate such functionality then you can use the DroneBall Remote autopilot which is a modified version of AeroCore-based autopilot powering up the Zyro DroneBall. In conjunction with an app, Zyro DroneBall can be used to play many games based on the idea of invisible field that creates a playing area. For example, you can play dodgeball, kickball or soccer by toggling the rules and boundaries.

Zyro DroneBall

According to Andrew Smith, Gumstix hardware engineer and developer of Zyro, the drone has state-of-the-art control systems and sensor technology that give it endless possibilities other than just gaming. The project is not doing that well on Kickstarter as the idea has not yet captured the imagination of people. And for good reason too, it is complicated and lacks conviction. The only reason it is featured here is because of its technological prowess and the complexity of the drone.



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