Hitachi develops wearable device that can gauge employees’ happiness level

Hitachi Human Big Data wearable sensor

As an entrepreneur managing your human resources is the most complex task that a business has to sort out. So what’s that sure shot mantra that keeps your employees happy and satisfied? Well, there isn’t any, as it is a complex topic. But still there are many workarounds to figuring out the perfect recipe for keeping your employees happy. Hitachi has also jumped into the band wagon for developing a gadget called Human Big Data that can detect your employees’ emotional level and acting accordingly to keep them satisfied at all times. And to top it off it is a wearable gadget.

Hitachi Human Big Data wearable sensor

Hitachi’s card-sized sensor device wirelessly tracks the wearer’s emotional levels, behavior and other biometric details to let the bosses know your secret formula of being happy. Typically the sensor tracks the employees’ every movement, right from sitting, standing to typing or nodding. It also records who the employee is taking to and for how long which might not go down well with your employees, but gives you vital information.

The wearable card collects information 50 times a second and sends the data to a base unit which can then be used to interpret the working environment of a group within the organization. In turn this will help increase productivity of individuals in the organization as well as groups that are closely knitted.

For now this wearable card gadget will go on sale from April 2015 in Japan only with a price tag of 100,000 Yen ($842 USD approx.). Thereafter based on its success, Hitachi will launch it in other parts of the globe too.

Source: Hitachi Via: RocketNews



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