View Master gets augmented reality makeover courtesy Mattel-Google collaboration

Mattel View Master Google Cardboard

The iconic View-Master toy that was one of the most tech savvy attempts towards virtual reality has unearthed like a phoenix at the New York World’s Fair. Mattel and Google have partnered to make the new age View-Master virtual reality gadget for kids that gives them a very basic peek into the world of augmented reality. Integrating with the Google Cardboard technology, this HUD is tailor-made for kids in the age group of 7 or less.

In this View-Master one can have a look at famous places, landmarks, nature, pre-historic Earth and planets in a 360 degree view field. This will give the kids an exciting way to learn about historic events and places of significance. Since many of the developers at the Google Cardboard team grew up playing the classic View-Master therefore it was an exciting project for Google team.

For now the kit is at a very basic level and cannot be compared to other high-end augmented reality wearables, but for a price tag of just $30 USD the Mattel View-Master is a must have gadget for kids. It is going to have support for Android phones and then later on will support Apple phones too. It is all set to be released in fall 2015 with the option to purchase additional experience reels for $15 USD.

Via: GameSpot



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