Nano Drone is for beginners who want to expertise the art of UAV flying

Nano Drone

Robust drone fit for beginners

Drones are getting ever so popular due to the functionality they bring to the forte, but they haven’t been away from their share of controversies owing to the restrictions that have come into light. That isn’t deterring drone makers from coming up with versions that are complex and need in-depth knowledge for flying. Now this is a big hurdle for beginners who want to have their high-end drones, and at the same time don’t want it to land in the bushes with broken components spilled everywhere!

Morrison Innovations understands this and therefore they have developed a Nano Drone that helps beginners to get used to this new technology before they try experimenting on expensive new age drones. As its name might suggest, it is a small little drone just like the Pocketcopter and Nixie Drone, but not as small as the drone by U.S. Army. Nano Drone is equipped with impact guards on the top and side to guard against any damage to the wings, while the skid guards on the bottom ensure a smooth landing when you are on the learning phase of flying a drone.

Nano Drone

Small enough to fit inside your pocket

For easy flying aesthetics of the drone, it is fitted with three-speed calibration for easy lift-off and maneuverability. Further the six-axis stabilization software makes hovering in the air an easy task.

Nano Drone is currently up on Indiegogo platform for funding, and already it has managed to surpass the funding goal and will most probably collect twice that of the funding amount with more than three weeks still left to go.

The drone is going to cost as less as $35 which is not a huge amount if you want to learn how to fly a drone. It is a wiser option when compared to flying a drone like DJI which requires a very professional hand for maneuvering around. After all it is better to spend $35 on a basic drone, rather than buying an expensive drone and risking it flying without any experience.

Nano Drone

Comes in attractive color options



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