SenSei Glove aids blind people in sensing obstacles for easier commuting

SenSei Glove Nottingham University

Life is not easy when you have to spend whole of it not being able to see what’s around you. Many technologies have aimed to cure or get around this problem, but a very few have been close to curing it completely. The best approach is to develop alternative methods by which blindness can be countered. And what better than wearable technology. SenSei Glove developed by management students, Raivat Luthura and Serkan Oztas, from Nottingham University aims to help blind people by sensing the proximity of objects for safe navigation.

SenSei prototype glove is equipped with a battery-operated ultrasonic sensor located on the back side which sounds beeps depending on the physical distance of wearer from an object. It is quite similar to a car’s parking sensor which sends out beeps in short bursts if the object is near. The inventors are looking to decrease the size and weight of current prototype for easy operability and aesthetic appeal.

SenSei Glove Nottingham University

Apparently the SenSei Glove won £1,000 ($1,540 USD approx.) in first prize at the Entrepreneurship and Business Competition run by Nottingham Business School.

The wearable has still a long way to go if it needs to see the light of production as more functionality needs to be incorporated into it so that blind people can use it ably.



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