GuardBot: US marines testing amphibious robot for military operations

GuardBot ball-shaped vehicle system

GuardBot Inc., a Connecticut-based robotic company focused on development of spherical unmanned amphibious vehicle systems have developed a sphere shaped robot. Called GuardBot, the ball-shaped vehicle system comes with cameras on both sides and is integrated with variety of defense and commercial sensors. Currently being tested by the US marines, the amphibious robot can perform efficiently on road, sand, mud, snow, sloped surfaces and water. It can be used by the armed forces to guard soldiers, carry explosives to enemy location, detect bombs and perform reconnaissance.

Originally conceived back in 2004 for a space planetary mission on Mars, the company owns an exclusive license for this technology which is protected by multiple US and foreign patents. Pendulum motion propulsion system with nine-axis stability is the technology behind the motion of the robot whereas the steering of the robot is controlled by a range of algorithms which shift’s its center of gravity back and forth.

GuardBot ball-shaped vehicle system

Created over seven years of development, the GuardBot ball-shaped vehicle system swim through water at a speed of 4mph and can glide terrain including sand and snow at 20mph, even if the ground has a 30-degree incline. Weighing just 55lbs (25kg), the autonomous robot can operate continuously for eight hours on one charge. With an ability to carry cargo up to 4.4lbs, the cameras of the GuardBot robot balls offers it a 360-degree field of vision.

GuardBot ball-shaped vehicle system



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