Dole Wearable Banana – World’s first eatable wearable for Tokyo Marathon 2015

Wearable banana Tokoyo Marathon 2015

The world of wearable technology is dominated by gadgets that aim to make your life better, give you up-to-date information on your fitness regimes or simply provide notifications from your mobile devices. But nothing can be as surprising as an edible wearable! Dole, the sponsors of Japan’s largest city marathon every year since 2008, the Tokyo Marathon, has come-up with a wearable banana!

The world’s first ever wearable banana will provide the athletes with all the vital information during the race, for example their heart rate, race time and Twitter feed too. This will keep the runners on their toes and when the sensors embedded into the banana detect it’s the right time to eat it, a message will flash saying “Eat Me!”

Now, that is some take on wearable technology as Dole Wearable Banana urges athletes participating in the marathon and bystanders too for fitness. A very unique concept for future of technology indeed!

Via: TheNextWeb



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