Tissot Pocket Touch watch is tailor-made for adventure trips

Tissot Pocket Touch watch

For all you adventure junkies out there, Swiss premium brand Tissot has come-up with Tissot Pocket Touch timepiece. This pocket watch is based on the popular Tissot T-Touch collection watch and is perhaps one of the most plush adventure gear out there. Pocket Touch is 48mm wide, making it a compact timepiece that can be carried in your pocket or backpack during adventures. Keeping in mind that the Pocket Watch is going to be extensively used by adventure fanatics, therefore the case in made from steel and water-proof material which provides water resistance up to 100 meters.

Tissot Pocket Touch watch

The pocket watch comes with environmental sensors such as altimeter, chrono, compass and thermometer. And all that on a LCD display touchscreen which is good enough for a pocket watch. The touchscreen is protected by a tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Just like any regular watch it has analog watch hands to display the time, buttons on the sides for settings and the small LCD screen to display all the other environmental information. The pocket watch is going to carry a price tag of $950 USD and you can pre-order it right away!

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