Self powered wearable armband sounds alarm in case of fever

self-powered fever alarm armband

Researchers at University of Tokyo have developed a smart wearable device that sounds an alarm when the wearer runs a fever. Named Fever Alarm, the self-powered armband comes with a silicone solar panel and a thermal sensor to detect body temperature of the wearer ranging between 36.5C and 38.5C. Thus, the wearable can sound the alarm when wearer’s body temperature either falls one degree than the average of 37C or rises high than it. Besides incorporating a silicone solar panel, the fever alarm armband is packed with a piezoelectric speaker, temperature sensor and an organic power supply circuit.

self-powered fever alarm armband

The flexible, self-powered fever alarm armband was presented at the 2015 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference which is taking place in San Francisco these days. The smart wearable by research groups lead by Professor Takayasu Sakurai at the Institute of Industrial Science and Professor Takao Someya at the Graduate School of Engineering. Measuring 30cm long and 18cm wide, the armband can be worn either directly on the skin or on top of the clothing. The thermal sensor is located between the arm and the body whereas the power supply unit is kept under the piezoelectric speaker so as to reduce the surface area.

According to Professor Takao Someya, the fever alarm simply demonstrates that it is possible possible to produce flexible, disposable devices that can greatly enhance the amount of information available to carers in healthcare settings.

Via: Eurekalert



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