DIY Gjallarhorn rocket launcher replica made from 3400 Legos

Lego Gjallarhorn rocket launcher DIY

The love for Lego will not die soon and DIYers will find a way to use Legos as a building material for unique creations that are unmatchable. In the past too we have seen some amazing Lego creations, and now there is yet another one that is worth appreciating. This replica of the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from the sci-fi shooter Destiny, put together using 3500 Legos is yet another addition to the uncountable line-up of things made from Lego bricks.

[ZaziNombies LEGO Creations] have created what they call as the LEGO Gjallahorn – Destiny, and it measures 46-inches while the total weight of the gun is over 15 pounds. Apart from the Legos, the makers have used gold-plated detailing elements like the wing pieces which give the rocket launcher a very exotic look. The weapon has a headpiece similar to the real gun shown in the game and to make it look exactly the same, makers have given quite a lot of attention to detail.

Lego Gjallarhorn rocket launcher DIY

The maker hasn’t provided any details on the make process of this DIY gun. But from what you can see in the video, it can be put together using your own creativity. Whether to do it with Legos or not, well, that is completely you decision. Just to give you an idea, it can be made from other materials like cardboard or wood.

Via: GameSpot



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