DIYer builds a zapping laser gun that can fry your flesh!

laser gun by Patrick Priebe

No wonder Patrick Priebe is a much respected DIYer who always comes up with his own unique creations. Last time around it was an electric hammer, but his love for making futuristic weapons, guns in particular is hard to deny. Not surprising that now he has custom build a working replica of Jinx’s gun from the multi-player online battle arena video game League of Legends. The gun made from gold-painted aluminum and brass has a main white and blue LED in the barrel and two LEDs in the back.

Patrick has made the Jinx’s zapper gun on demand of the fans who just love League of Legends game. There are two tubes in rear which are connected to trigger of the main laser gun that fires a 1.6-watt laser which can burn through majority of rigid material. The power source for the gun is a 600 mAh lithium-ion battery put inside the space for gripping the gun.

laser gun by Patrick Priebe

The gun is definitely not for cosplay as it packs a punch when fired and should be only used in controlled environment. And yes, definitely not made to be used by kids as a toy. Well done Patrick, the gun looks really cool and is definitely one of the deadliest weapons as it can scare the shit out of anyone.

Source: LaserGadgets



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