The Momento Pearl: World’s first smart pearl comes embedded with NFC chip

The Momento Pearl by Galatea

Galatea of San Dimas, California is well known for its beautiful and unusual jewelry collections. Founded by award winning Vietnamese-American jeweler Chi Huynh in 1994, the artistic collections rely upon pearls and other gemstones that have been transformed by the patented and proprietary processes of the company. Well, taking their designer jewelry to a whole new level, Galatea have unveiled The Momento Pearl, which is claimed to be the world’s first Smart Pearl. Combining jewelry with ground-breaking technology, the Smart Pearl aims to add a human touch to these stones.

Flaunting elegant design embedded with today’s modern technology, each Momento pearl is individually hand-carved and crafted by Chi Huynh himself who is also the four time winner of the Cultured Pearl Association for best international pearl design. The Momento Pearl (U.S. Patent 7,062,940 and P.P. 14/517.827, Trademark 86/434,536) has an embedded NFC chip that stores your personal information. Thus, the wearable allows you to upload your favorite recorded messages, images, text and precious moments using only your smartphone. All these audio and recorded images can be accessed with a simple tap on your NFC enabled ANDROID phone or mobile device.

The Momento Pearl by Galatea

Currently on Kickstarter with a $50,000 funding goal, the company will start delivering the jewelry by April 2015. The Momento complete jewelry collection includes 29 pendants, 26 earrings and eight rings, all with Tahitian and freshwater pearls set in 14-karat gold.



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