Teen invents $500 dialysis machine for her school science project

Anya Pogharian invents $500 dialysis machine

Anya Pogharian, a 17-year-old girl from Montreal, Canada have invented a low-cost dialysis machine that can completely transform the future of dialysis care. Inspired by volunteering at a hospital and seeing the effect of dialysis on patients, Anya build a new kind of dialysis machine for her high school science fair project. She developed the prototype using simple technology after studying and examining dialysis machine owner’s manuals over the internet. She was required to spend a minimum of 10 hours on the project, well she invested about 300 hours on her invention.

Where traditional machines currently cost about $30,000, the DIY machine created by Pogharian costs only $400, which could make at-home care affordable and easier for patients. When people suffering from kidney failure require dialysis, the procedure often takes four hours a day three times a week. An exhausting schedule, especially for people with limited mobility, she wanted to find a way to improve the procedure. “It takes a lot of energy out of them. They’re very tired after a dialysis treatment.” She said in an interview.

Anya Pogharian invents $500 dialysis machine

Her $500 dialysis machine have earned her a number of awards and scholarships. She has been offered a summer internship at Héma-Québec where she can continue testing her prototype using real human blood.

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