Raht Racer Trike = Electric Bike + Pedal-Powered Commuter + Fitness Machine = Awesomeness!

Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle

How about a pedal-powered electric trike that can go at the top speed of 70 mph? Have a look at this electric three-wheeler that has pedals for charging the electric motor and moving forward on the road. A pretty unique idea perhaps for a hybrid vehicle that incorporates the best of environmentally-friendly commuting and boosts fitness too!

Christened as Raht Racer this trike/velomobile is the brain-child of Minneapolis-based Rich Kronfield. This project has been under development for more than couple of years and after much homework it is now ready for the world. Racht Racer is up on Kickstarter platform for funding and will most probably make it through to the production stage.

It is made from carbon fiber material and has safety features like roll cage, airbags and seat belts. To make uphill rides more assisted for the driver, this trike has pedal-powered assistance which comes from the 9.2-kWh li-ion battery pack electric motor. The electric motor assesses the torque being applied by the rider and automatically provides the needed pedal-assistance. It is like creating a reserve of energy for steep climbs and times when you need to drive fast.

Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle

According to the maker, when finally complete, Raht Racer will have a top speed of 100 mph. Although is not road legal yet, but it will get over that hurdle and will be classified as a motorbike when it eventually does. It won’t be classified as a car because under regulations anything having less than 4 wheels is classified as a motorbike.

Raht Racer is going to set you back around $35,000 – $45,000 which might seem a lot but ultimately will benefit a lot in the long run.

Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle Raht Racer electric pedal powered vehicle



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