Researchers developing talking drone with artificial intelligence

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Drones are one of the most exciting modern day toys that everyone wants to own because of their flying capabilities. They have been put to a number of uses and for good reason too as they are quite versatile. But sometimes their telemetry can go astray and put them in no man’s land during their flight. Such instances are very common as drones go out of the flight area and lose contact with the person flying them. That is why RMIT University in Melbourne have developed a drone that can communicate with an air traffic controller to get the waypoints and land safely back to a safe location without any damage.

This is the world’s first talking drone that uses automated voice technology to initiate and receive calls from air traffic control system in case the drone loses contact with the person flying them. It can communicate in English language both in male and female voice compliant to the International Civil Aviation Organization standard language used by pilots.

According to Dr Reece Clothier, aerospace engineer from RMIT University, air traffic controller could have a conversation with a lost drone just like with a pilot of an aircraft. The drone would be then instructed to hold its position, ascend/descend or follow the directions that take it to a safe location most adjacent to the flyer’s location.

The researchers are still brainstorming about the way in which this drone would have decision making capability of its own. The team in its development is looking for a way to incorporate artificial intelligence that puts inherent intelligence like detecting bad weather or location of other aircrafts in the region.

Via: Telegraph



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