MWC 2015: Is Xiaomi Yi Action Camera better than Go Pro Hero?

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi hasn’t given up on dominating the mobile device market, and it is well on its way to doing so in the coming decade. But they aren’t stopping there as the Chinese manufacturer has revealed its action camera at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera, pitted as a competitor for the very popular Go Pro is targeted for adventure seekers. This compact action-travel camera made specifically for photographers who travel a lot is going to be a good quality budget camera.

As expected, the action camera is going to be almost half the price of Go Pro Hero which is priced at $130. So, that is some good news for adventure seekers who want to capture special moments of their action. Both the action cameras are quite similar in specifications with built-in Wi-Fi and remote control functions.

In-fact some hardware is even better than Go Pro Hero, as the Yi Action Camera is fitted with a 16MP camera that record 1080p videos at 60fps. Compare that to the Go Pro Hero which has 5MP camera that records at 720p video at 30 fps. Also Yi is lighter at 72 grams, compared to 111 grams Go Pro Hero.

However, the Go Pro Camera scores with a wide angle 170 degree viewing angle against the Yi which has 155 degree field of view. Xiaomi Yi Action Camera comes with a lot of accessories and a transparent housing to protect it from the elements. Xiaomi Yi Camera will only be available in the Chinese market for starters and we can expect to see it in other parts of the world.

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera


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