MWC 2015: 4G enabled Panasonic Nubo security camera

Panasonic Nubo security camera

Surveillance cameras are in great demand these days, and that is why Panasonic has also revealed one of its own. Shown at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Panasonic Nubo is a 4G security camera that operates in places where there is no WiFi or power signal. The camera has a motion sensor that detects any slight moment in front of it and automatically starts recording clips in lengths of 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

Panasonic Nubo

Android and iOS compatible Panasonic Nubo camera has got a unique feature that allows it differentiate between humans or animals, and then sends alerts to the user. To ensure that there is two-way communication if needed, the camera has a built-in speaker and camera. The camera is compatible with battery bank too, in case it is running low on power.

It operates in all conditions since it is weather-proof with IP66-certification and it can send recorded footage to the cloud with 4G and WiFi connectivity. The best option is its two way radio communicator which can be good utility for elderly who need assistance while at home.

Panasonic Nubo

Panasonic Nubo can be setup easily in any location courtesy its small size. Perhaps a good accessory to take with you to any place. As for the audio and video footage that is in the cloud, it is secured with SSL security and full-proof password protection.

The security camera is going to be available at a price tag of $249 from next month and it will ship in Q4 of 2015 in UK and Netherlands.

Panasonic Nubo security camera

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