Solar-powered plane takes flight in a non-stop journey across the globe

Solar Impulse 2 solar powered plane

The record breaking attempt to fly around in a solar-powered plane has begun with the Solar Impulse 2 plane taking off from Abu Dhabi, Emirate with Andre Borschberg at the controls of the single-seated plane; and the next destination is Muscat in Oman. Both Andre and Swiss pilot, Bertrand Piccard will share the flying duty in this grueling journey. This epic journey across the globe will go on for more than five months is going to traverse through continents. On the way this manned airplane will cross the Pacific and Atlantic oceans while taking pit-stops at various locations.

The main motive for this niche journey in a solar-powered plane is to spread the message of green technologies and eco-friendly lifestyle. Solar Impulse plane has a wingspan of 72m and a total weight of 2.3 tonnes, making it a super light-weight plane. To fly on solar power alone, the plane has 17,000 solar cells on top of the wings. To fly non-stop in the night time and in bad weather conditions, solar power is stored in lithium-ion batteries.

The plane will go to India, Myanmar, China in its next scheduled leg; and then finally end its journey in U.S. It surely is going to be an adventurous journey that is going to be filled with dangers, considering that the plane is going to fly over oceans with no alternate fuel.

Solar Impulse 2 solar powered plane



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