Podo stickable camera is one step ahead of selfie stick camera accessories

Podo stick camera

The rage for selfie cameras and action cameras is in the trend these days, and for reason too. It gives a whole new, never before seen perspective of photography and unique ways to innovate. Podo wireless camera is another innovative photography accessory that gives you freedom to shoot from any angle, and on any surface. This re-stickable camera attaches to any surface and shoots photos, videos and time lapse sequences in many new ways. Perhaps a good competition for the trending selfie stick accessories. You can stick it to any surface; walls, trees, tables, windows, iron brackets etc. with the micro-suction cups that hold-on to any surface.

Podo stick and shoot camera is a Bluetooth connected camera that is controlled using your iOS or Android smartphone. You can take 8MP photos and record 720fps videos with this little portable camera, anytime, anywhere. You can set timers to click the photo at set interval of time which is a good feature. Once the picture is clicked one can share it to Instagram or social-networks instantly with the companion app.

Podo stick camera

One advantage that this camera has over selfie cameras is the ability to shoot photos and videos from quite a considerable distance, unlike selfie stick cameras that are good enough only till the arm’s length. Additionally the camera has a 600mAh battery and internal storage of 4GB.

Podo stick camera

This project is up on Kickstarter for funding and with well over a month still to go it has managed to collect money four times the funding goal. Earlybirds will get the Podo Stick camera for $79 while the retail price is going to be set a little higher at $99.

Source: Kickstarter



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