3D printed Apple Watch bands add a touch of flamboyance to your smartwatch

3D printed Apple Watch bands

After much waiting, the Apple Watch has been finally released to the world and it is no wonder that people are going to try it out. Third-party manufacturers are also looking to cash-in the rage with quality accessories that make Apple Watch even more lucrative. 3D Systems, a pioneer in 3D printing material has collaborated with FreshFiber to create very refreshing 3D printed Apple Watch bands that make your smartwatch look a lot more trendy.

3D printed Apple Watch bands

The two companies have been working on the 3D printed version of Apple Watch bands that appeal to the user, and now they are out with the prototype design of the watch bands. The watch bands will be 3D printed using Everlast nylon material with the 3D Systems Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) machines.

3D printed Apple Watch bands

These bands will be available for purchase soon via the Cubify website and the price can be speculated to be around $40 – $99 considering the pricing strategies of FreshFiber for their phone cases. The pre-order for Apple Watch is going to start from April 10 and shipment arriving by April 24. So, one can make a safe bet that these watch bands will be available before 24 April 2015.

3D printed Apple Watch bands

Via: 3DPrint



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