Chinese online sites and black market selling fake versions of Apple Watch

fake Apple Watch in China

There is still more than a month for the Apple Watch to go on sale officially, well if you can’t wait till then or if it is too expensive for you, knockoff versions of the Apple Watch are already on sale in China. Some of these fake versions of the much anticipated smartwatch can be spotted in the world’s greatest electronics market named Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen whereas some are being sold by the some of China’s biggest online retailers. These fake clones of the Apple Watch are very cheap as compared to the real deal with price ranging from $40 to $80.

You can find number of sellers on the Chinese e-commerce sites including and also on Alibaba’s (BABA, Tech30). Claiming to be the official distributors, these sellers often use company’s logo and design. Even when these listing are removed by Alibaba, new sellers are waiting to reemerge soon after. Well, these fake Apple Watch versions are not likely to stay up for long as these e-commerce sites are trying everything possible to the fight against counterfeits.

These knockoff versions of the Apple Watch have taken all the cues from the original wearable in terms of style and design. Most of them have an exact Apple like interface and Apple-like icons on the home screen. However, major of these runs on Android operating system. The fake version named Ai Watch is priced at $77, the D-Watch at $48 and the DFYou Smart Bracelet with 168 hours of battery life at only $48.

Via: CNN Money/ Geek



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