Russian researcher builds killer USB flash drive to fry laptops

Killer USB drive will fry laptops

Looking for revenge from someone who once stole your USB drive or infected your laptop with Malware? Well, gift him another one! A Russian researcher nicknamed Dark Purple have created a killer USB flash drive that would burn half a laptop down if you plug it into the USB slot. The idea came when a friend of his told him about an article he read about how a dude in the subway fished out a USB flash drive from the outer pocket of some guy’s bag. He brought it home and inserted it into his system which burnt down half of his laptop. Well, now he keeps it in the outer pocket of his bag.

Killer USB drive will fry laptops

Working in a company engaged in the development and manufacture of electronics, Dark Purple along with his colleagues went out to create a USB Killer flash drive that would fry down a laptop. Designed as a regular USB flash drive, he ordered printed circuit boards in China and made a combat model that works with a simple method. Once you connect it to the USB port, an inverting DC/DC converter runs and charges the capacitors to -110V. After the caps are charged, the DC/DC is switched off. At the same time, the filed transistor discharges the stored electricity through the USB port’s data pins. When the voltage on capacitors increases to -7V, the transistor closes and the DC/DC starts. The loop runs till everything possible is broken down by the Killer USB drive.

Via: Kukuruku/ Hackaday



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