Graduate engineering student invents mixed-drink dispenser machine

Kris Proulx

An electronics student has invented a mechanical substitute for the good old bartenders. It’s a mixed drink dispenser that can make and serve drinks in accurate amount, as per the requirement of a specific drink. Kris Proulx a third-year electronics engineering student at College Boreal created this mini-fridge sized drink dispenser as a part of his final year project in around six months time. The dispenser supports a number of bottles that are flipped upside down. All bottles can carry different drinks and each one is connects to a tubing system, and through provided micro-controllers it pours perfectly measured volumes of any particularly ordered drink. There is a touch-screen on the front side with a button saying, “Make me a drink.” When this button is pushed the electronic machine pours out the drink.

Proulx’s prototype currently has only nine drinks including Pepsi and a rye, vodka cranberry, ginger ale and rum . According to Proulx the dispenser can reduce huge losses that big bars or hotels face when bartenders pour extra amount of drink into glasses. It may sound little, but when multiplied to thousands of drinks dispensed, the loss becomes a matter of considerable attention.

Well, this logic sounds good enough to kick-out manual bartenders and welcome such accurate machine that’ll not ask for monthly salary, bonus or come to you with any grievances. Seriously, the idea has got potential once it gets introduced to businessmen.

The future of the machine is also predicted by Proulx. He is considering incorporating self-paying mechanism through credit cards or cash along with a scanned piece of identification to verify buyer’s age. The invention was one of many projects showcased at a special event held for 2015 graduates by the school. The aim was to provide more exposure and commercial opportunities for talented students.

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