Necklace that lets you battle obesity finally developed in US

WearSens necklace

Have you been tracking your food and water intake? Are you dissatisfied with the journals you’re using? Here is an alternative wearable option for you in WearSens necklace, which uses a specially created algorithm and a smartphone app to help you battle nutrition and dietary problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. This smart necklace is developed by a team of UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Sciences researchers. Dubbed WearSens, the necklace is designed to monitor food and liquid intake, so the information gathered can be used to improve dietary habits of the wearer. Head below for a video demonstration.

The team of researchers have successfully tested WearSens on 30 people with varying food habits. The smart necklace has been found to be 87 percent accurate in differentiating solids and liquids, almost 90 percent accurate in distinguishing amid hot drinks and room-temperature drinks and 80 percent accurate in determining food items with different textures. If researchers are to be believed – the accuracy levels of the necklace will only increase as the users calibrate it with their everyday eating and drinking habits.

How does it work?

The simple looking WearSens comes fitted with piezoelectric sensors, which help the necklace pickup movement and stress to produce current. It also features a specially created algorithm to translate this data (available in form of current).

Interestingly, WearSens is small enough to rest comfortably on the wearer’s sternum. Its highly sensitive piezoelectric sensors pick up vibrations from the act of swallowing triggered by movement of muscles and skin from the lower trachea when the wearer eats and drinks. The signals are transmitted to the phone where the algorithm (using a spectrogram) translates the data into visual information. Using an app then, the phone displays out this data about volume of food and beverage consumed and helps by advising or analyzing it against your body requirement.

The WearSens necklace, still work in progress, can be worn at any time of the day, since it does not interfere in a person’s daily activity. If all works as per plan, the team of researchers behind the WearSens project believe the necklace can be available for public towards the latter half of this year.

Source: UCLA



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