Chinese father-son duo make Transformers replicas from scrap metal

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun

Transformers replicas aren’t new, even the giant ones. Last year, 22-year old guy, Danilo Baletic, from Podgorica, Montenegro, had created full-scale replica of Transformers, entirely made from trash automotive parts. Then there was a three-story high Optimus Prime replica from a Chinese man. In fact Chinese artist had shown more interest in autobots, than enthusiasts from other parts of the world.

However, a duo of farmers, father and his son, from China are the latest ones to make news for their handmade, giant replicas of popular film characters using scrap metal and discarded waste from cars. Recently, the peasant farmer Yu Zhilin with his son Yu Lingyum cashed on an army of replicas they sold for about £110, 0000.
The duo still continues to roll out more pieces of their art. Their latest work includes replicas of ‘Optimus Prime and Bumblebee’.

Their journey of creating autobot replicas started back in 2007 after the ‘Transformers’ gained popularity. The latest sequel of the film, Transformer: The Age of Extinction, set new records at the box office in China. Mainly, because most of the cars used were of Chinese origin and some scenes were filmed in Hong Kong.

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun 5

The father and son collect old, discarded car parts and weld them together following the guidelines they had downloaded from the Internet. Every part of a car or vehicle such as old wheels, discarded doors, rusting axles etc. all find purpose in their small Hengyang factory. These replicas are proving to be a treasure for the father-son duo. Their creations are highly in demand for malls and parks in China.

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun 6

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun 4

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun 2

Yu Zhilin and Yu Lingyun 3

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