Apple Drone looks cool, but is it for real?

Apple Drone Concept by Eric Huismann

If one has to go by what can be seen in the above photo, Apple could be on the brink of creating one of the coolest quadcopter out there. But don’t let your eyes fool you, as this is just an iteration of what an Apple Drone would like, if there was ever one! Created by graphics designer Eric Huismann, this concept Apple Drone looks like the real thing. With smooth flowing design and hallmark white and black colors accentuated by the shiny look, Apple Drone promises non-stop quadcopter fun for demanding users.

Apple Drone Concept by Eric Huismann

As you would imagine this quadcopter has four rotors that provide it the lift off the ground and stability in the air. One noticeable thing is the downward curved design of the quadcopter which gives a bird’s eye view for the high-end cameras. There are four wide-angle lens cameras, one on each rotor to give a breath-taking view of the scenery in 4K video quality (with cinematic video stabilization) at 60fps.

Such high specifications and you would expect this drone to capture panoramic images of the highest quality. And so it does as it has capability to capture dynamic 100MP panoramic images.

All the images and videos that you shoot with this drone are of no use if not shared on social media. There is fast wireless connectivity that lets the user stream real-time HD videos and images on iOS or OS X devices. And all this can be done from a mini controller with touchscreen.

Eric Huismann has managed to put on paper a design for Apple Drone that could very well be a reality one day. After all Apple is striving so hard to create a niche for itself in different avenues.

Apple Drone Concept by Eric Huismann_2

Apple Drone Concept by Eric Huismann_1

Apple Drone Concept by Eric Huismann



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