Ambitious line of wearable drones for the future take limelight at SxSW!

Frog Design Wearable drones Flare

Frog Design reveals line of wearable drones for the future

Wearable Nixie Drone showcased at CES 2015 set the bar for futuristic wearable robots that more than meets the eye. And now a Frog Design, an ambitious new venture that eyes the future is embarking on a sci-fi ride that will leave most of us flabbergasted. Their primary focus is on wearable technology that can impact your lives in n number of ways. To be precise, they are working on wearable drones that assist you through chalk and cheese.

At the recently concluded SxSW interactive conference held in Austin, Adam Pruden, Senior Interaction Designer Frog design showed-off the wearable drones that will reclaim the post smartphone era. So, how do these smart wearable devices interact with us in a way that improves our lives? Let’s take a sneak peak.

1) Breathe

Frog Design Wearable drones Breathe

Wearable drone that protects you from air pollution

This oval-shaped drone is targeted for people who want to stay healthy in polluted cities. It sits on top of the owner’s shoulder and whenever it detects a rise in pollution level in the environment, it sets into action and hovers a few inches away from the mouth to filter the air and also supply fresh air.

2) Flare

Frog Design Wearable drones Flare

Lost in the city? Flare drone will assist you

This wearable drone is your perfect alibi if you don’t want to get lost. Made from glass and metal, this drone hangs-on to your hand with an acrylic palm strap. Whenever the wearer feels like lost, he/she can instruct this drone to show them directions. It does so by flying a few meters ahead of the owner and showing them direction until the intended destination is reached.

3) Parasol

Frog Design Wearable drones Parasol

Bad weather is no more a distraction

This wearable drone shields you from bad weather conditions like rain, hail or snow by flying over your head an creating a semi-transparent membrane that wards-off relentless weather conditions. Not only that, but it also sets into action if there are rising solar rays or heat wave. It sits in your back pocket when not in use and as soon as weather conditions deteriorate it flies in the air and shields you. Mind you, it is made of gold, so you can sport it as a fashion accessory too.

4) Scout

Frog Design Wearable drones Scout

Wearable drone for adventure junkies

Perfect for an adventure seeker who wants to explore never before seen locations and territory. This wearable drone in the shape of a sphere also acts as a health monitor. When the user intends to use it, the drone is simply thrown in the air and thereafter it routes maps and gives view of the terrain ahead.

The concept looks quite enthralling but making it a reality is another thing. First of all the makers will have to work out the powering source for these drones and also the artificial intelligence required to make them act according to the situation. But, a cool vision for the future none the less.



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