Dirt cheap smartphone-controlled prosthetic hand that is 3D printed

Exii Handiii 3D printed prosthetic limb

Smartphone controlled 3D printed prosthetic limb

3D printing has undoubtedly taken the world by the storm, and there is no stopping it as far as the possibilities of this technological evolution goes. One segment that 3D printing has affected profoundly is the development of prosthetic limbs for the unfortunate disabled people. Going a step ahead with the advancements is a Japanese company Exii which has created a bionic arm dubbed Handiii that pairs with your smartphone to facilitate nifty movement of limbs. And all this at a very economical cost with the option to 3D print in your favorite color.

Exii calls Handiii a myoelectric prosthetic hand which is more maneuverable than its predecessors. Revealed last week at the SXSW, Exii Handiii uses the processing power of a smartphone to make all the movements. There are separate motors to controls each of the fingers having three joints, and they are located at the base joint. Moreover, each of these fingers can be replaced by customized fingers that are tailored for particular tasks.

Exii Handiii 3D printed prosthetic limb

Showcased at SXSW

Exii says that they are able to make this 3D printed prosthetic hand for as low as $300 USD and with addition of labor costs and other variables they will be able to market it at a competitive price somewhere in the region of $450-$500 USD.

Exii Handiii 3D printed prosthetic limb

First of its kind artificial limb

Exii Handii is a good option for people who have unfortunately lost one of their arms and want to make good use of their smartphone for giving them desired nimbleness in a prosthetic limb. The Japanese company is taking inquires and orders for this 3D printed prosthetic limb, so head right over to their portal if you have interest in this all-together different concept.

# Exii Handiii showcased at SXSW

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