Gaudy Chinese 3D printed car reaches speeds of 40km/h

Shuya 3D printed car

With 3D printing anything is possible when it comes to manufacturing custom-made components. But 3D printing a functional automobile is another thing. Sanya Sihai, a Chinese 3D tech company has created China’s first ever 3D printed car dubbed Shuya. And to add to the feat, it is all-electric. The company showed the car on Tuesday in Southern Hainan province and also revealed that it took their team 1.5 months to create it.

As you can see, Shuya has a very vibrant golden tint which is due to the use of Tyrant Gold filament mixed in the low-cost composite material. The two-seater car powered by rechargeable batteries is capable of reaching speeds of 40 kilometers per hour. It took Sanya Sihai 11,000 Yuan ($1700 USD approx.) to put together this cool looking roadster. Most of which was spent on the 500 kg Tyrant Gold material used in its making.

Apparently the crown for the world’s first 3D printed car goes to Local Motors 3D’s Strati. This story-like car was revealed at 2015 Detroit Auto Show, but unlike Shuya it was draped in very basic colors.

It is not clear whether Sanya Sihai will develop another 3D printed car model or make improvements to the current version. But, one thing is crystal clear that 3D printing is going to affect the automotive industry in more ways that you think.

Shuya 3D printed car

Via: 3DPrintingIndustry



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