DJ put out my fire – Intuitive fire extinguisher makes it a literal possibility!

Fire extinguisher George Mason University students invention

Next time you see a DJ pumping up the bass, it could be in a forest putting out a fire! However crazy this statement might sound, but it is the low frequency sounds that could be the key to dozing colossal fires in forests or urban settings. A duo of engineering students at the George Mason University in Virginia have invented a fire extinguisher that uses bass to put out fires. Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson have got the preliminary patent for their application to make a device that uses low-frequency sound waves to annihilate out of control fires.

This cylindrical device is the size of a small cylinder and when the user needs to put out a fire, the contraption is brought near the fire and a good dose of bass is enough to put out the fire. The device works by escalating the velocity of air particles in and around the area near the fire and decreases the surface area of air, thereby putting out the fire in a jiffy.

Fire extinguisher George Mason University students invention

The creators believe that this invention will have plenty of applications in real world situations like putting out fires in a building. For this the device will be attached to drones or robots that can approach dangerous areas.

Well done guys, you may just have invented something really cool!

Fire extinguisher George Mason University students invention



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