Yamaha working on motorcycle and bike inspired by nature

Yamaha Root motorcyle

Yamaha, the Japanese automotive giant has always been at the forefront of two-wheeler manufacturing and now plays a pivotal role in robotics as well. Keeping with its tradition of high-end bike and motorcycles, Yamaha has kept up with the tradition and now to make things interesting, it has ventured into an offbeat project that makes us understand the importance of renewable energy sources. This design initiative dubbed AH A MAY (which is YAMAHA when spelled backwards) included a prototype motorcycle that had all its dials removed to clear the riders view and a bicycle that charges a battery on the go and then later on powers musical instruments.

# Root

Yamaha Root motorcyle

A prototype motorcycle that is designed by Kazuki Kashiwase, design laboratory, Yamaha Corporation, that has nothing but a watch to display all the telemetry of the bike. To add a sense of unity among nature and rider, the seat is designed to be minimal just like the motif of a horse.

# O plus minus O

Yamaha O plus minus O electric bicycle

An interesting electric-power assisted bicycle that recharges a battery when placed on a recharging stand. It is more of a fitness equipment that is good enough to power your musical instruments and electrical appliances. The battery power of the bicycle is a step towards eco-friendly living which is the ultimate goal of every futuristic company.

# Marimba

Yamaha marimba Fujin

Named after the Japanese god of wind, Fujin, this wild marimba is the perfect canvas for two performers to show their energy levels. Unlike traditional marimba instruments that require the musicians to move from one side to the other, this one by Yamaha is circular. The musicians can spin around and put forth the magic of their performance.

Source: Yamaha



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