Another homemade submarine in China, this one just a tad different

Du Xiutang submarine

Chinese farmers and villagers have been building some of the craziest things in their backyard. If you have been following DamnGeeky, you’ll know that building homemade submarines, of all, has become a trend in China’s rural villages. Latest to hit the ranks is Du Xiutang, a villager in Shenmu county of Yulin city in the Shaanxi province of Northwest China. The 53-year-old has created a submarine, which is soon to hit waters if all goes well.

Du’s love for submarines began back in the 1990s, when he learnt China had bought an outdate submarine from Russia. Noticing his countries situation, Du’s patriotism poked him, and he made-up his mind to build a submarine himself. Soon, he developed interest in mechanics and military arms. Owing to his family status, Du had to drop out of senior high school and began working in the fields; yet, in his free time he read books on military technology and maritime mechanics and steadily taught himself the ins and outs of submarine design.

Du Xiutang submarine-1

The self-made mechanic has amazed everyone (including maritime technicians) with his homemade submarine, which measures 9.2 meters long and 3.1 meters tall. Du has been awarded a national patent for his invention of a hydraulic drainage system. The Shaanix man has exhausted all his lifetime savings in the process of building the submarine, and is now looking for investors to help him complete the sub and reach it for its maiden ride.

Via: Shanghaiist



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