April Fools’ Day – Gadgets and innovations that hoaxed the internet

April Fools' Day – Gadgets and innovations that hoaxed the internetApril Fools’ Day just passed by and we are glad that gadget manufacturers didn’t get the better of us. This day serves as a perfect occasion for major electronics manufacturers and other popular brands to come-up with their version of a parody that is aimed at fooling the masses. This April Fools’ Day we had our guard high which shielded us from falling for any such hoaxes. Perhaps, this is the ideal time to share some of the most convincing and hilarious April Fools’ Day gadgets and innovations that caught internet experts in the web.

1) Moto Selfie Stick

Moto selfie stick hoax

First look at this selfie stick and boy you’ll be amazed that Motorola released such an accessory for its users. A selfie stick that is crafted to perfection and desirable to any selfie fanatics. Handcrafted from real wood and genuine leather, this selfie stick shows off your personal style and class. And mind you it can take picture by voice command. But unfortunately, it is a parody which is very well acted out by the duo of actors who manage to add a very classic touch to the video.

2) Sony PlayStation Flow

Sony Playstation Flow

Sony wasn’t going to rue the opportunity to bamboozle its followers with their latest wearable gaming equipment that allows the player to take a dive into the water and experience immersive gaming like never before. Sony PlayStation Flow is a new age wearable that lets you experience in real-time, the underwater adventures of real gaming player. It combines the capability of PS4 gaming console and real-life swimming to traverse the player right into the action with PlayStation Flow Goggles. And when you are done with the swimming in-game action there is a PlayStation Flow Body Dryer that dries you out within seconds using the ionizing technology.

3) OnePlus DR-1

OnePlus DR 1 quadcopter

Imagine a drone so small that it fits in your palm. And cost just $19.99 USD! Now that would sell like hot cakes, and it actually did. OnePlus came up with a special edition quadcopter that has a flight time of 5-8 minutes and a wing-span of just 70mm. They put the quadcopter up on their product webpage on March 31, 2015 and interestingly it was all sold out on April 1, 2015. A perfect recipe for April Fools’ Day gadget hoax!

4) Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge Chefs edition

Yesterday Samsung announced the world’s first smart knife that has smartphone like features. Galaxy Blade Edge: Chef’s Edition runs on latest Android OS and adapts most of its calling features from Galaxy S6. But the USP is its ability to be used a knife. It can cut through any vegetables or lobster tail, making it a perfect companion for kitchen. Samsung provided every minute detail about this gadget that has human blood sensor and much more. Would have been great if there was any such gadget in the market, don’t you think?

Samsung Galaxy Blade Edge Chefs edition

5) Domino’s unmanned delivery vehicles

Dominos driverless pizza delivery vehicle

There have been many attempts to make the perfect driverless vehicle, but only a few have managed to achieve perfection. Dominos launched the first fleet of their driverless delivery vehicles on April 1, 2015. Sadly, the date gave it away, and later on Domino’s was caught in the act of hoaxing users on the internet. So don’t expect any driverless vehicles to deliver you the next pizza if you live in U.K.

6) Volvo Airbag for walking smartphone

Volvo airbag for walking smartphone

Seeing the number of users walking on the streets with their smartphone right into their faces, Volvo has safety concerns in mind. They have developed the world’s first airbag for walking smartphone that deploys in under one second. As funny as it may seem, the airbag is loaded with infrared sensors that detect any chance of a collision. A very good idea indeed if you don’t want to end up with broken teeth!

7) Google Japanese Input Piro-piro

Google Japanese Input Piro-piro

How could Google miss out on the opportunity to fool its humungous reader base? That is why they came up with their version of a voice input device that doesn’t require typing in the letters. A small gadget that attaches to any party horn and detects the intended word being typed using an infrared sensor. Sounds downright silly, and actually it is. One look at gadget and the way it is being described in the video is a tell-tale sign of it being fake.

8) HTC Re Sok

HTC Re Sok

Here is HTC’s take on wearables that can be more than just a wearable. This is HTC Re Sok that is connected to GPS and sends out notifications right on a display on top of the socks. Now you won’t miss a notifeetcation (as HTC claims), play music right from your feet and a pair of socks won’t get lost as they will locate each other. Not only that, the smart socks will send a distress notification in case there is a small hole in them. Perhaps HTC should have included a smart smell sensor too!

HTC Re Sok

9) Animax Teburakuchin

Animax Teburakuchin

And we have saved the best for the last. A product that will make you go crazy and maybe even make you go into a laughter attack. Animax Teburakuchin is a smartphone holder that is in-fact an elongated piece of holder secured to the torso and looks hell funny. And by the way who says people in the Far East don’t think much of April Fools’ Day. Have a look at the video below of this crazy gadget accessory, and you’ll either love it or hate it like anything. But one thing is for sure, you’ll laugh to bits after watching it.



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