Blind people will be able to navigate better with the smart vest

Smart Assist System for Blind people

Helping blind people lead a normal life has been on the priority list of many intellectual researchers out there and so far many of them have achieved good results. In this quest is a Palestinian graduate student of engineering from the Polytechnic University in Hebron, Abdel Rahman al-Barmeel who has designed a smart vest that helps blind people walk normally. With the use of vibrations and voice command, this vest dubbed as Smart Assist System for Blind People (SASB) is developed under close supervision of dean of the Engineering Department and project supervisor, Ramzi al-Qawasmi.

Prototype version of SASB has been designed with a limited budget and Ayoub al-Sarsour, the blind volunteer for testing of this project is impressed with the wearable technology. The smart vest fitted with sensors, LiDar laser, ultrasound, infrared and emitters aid the blind to navigate from place to place through vibration or audio feedback in the headphones. To make sure that the vest alerts the user in case there is a battery drain out, the vest sends alert signal and immediately switches to energy saving mode.

Currently the team is looking forward to get sponsors for this project so that it can be pitched commercially. Moreover, there are some minor adjustments that need to be implemented so as to make it safe for use.

Source: Reuters



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