Just when you thought Bendgate was over, Samsung S6 Edge gets caught!

Samsung S6 Edge bendgate

Bendgate, what is that? Just when you thought that Bendgate got erased completely off your mind, a new revelation by SquareTrade has livened things up. And ironically it is Samsung that it seems has got caught in the middle of the saga for their flagship device Samsung S6 Edge. Now, this quite embarrassing for Samsung who have been taking Apple to the brink of awkwardness by making fun of the iPhone 6 Plus bendgate issue!

SquareTrade has been well-known for exposing gadget warranties, putting them to extreme tests that can reveal shortcomings in them. To expose the bendgate issue they have created a special machine called the Bendbot which can test the threshold of gadgets when it comes to bending.

As you can see from the video above, both iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung S6 Edge bend at a pressure of 110 pounds while the third phone, HTC One M9 survives for 120 pounds of pressure. The story doesn’t end there. Samsung S6 Edge’s screen shatters as glass is thrown all over the place. Now that is a serious issue!

Perhaps, what goes around comes around. And if this issue is detected by the users of S6 Edge then it will be a serious headache for Samsung. However it remains to be seen whether anyone reports a bend screen in their pocket.

Via: TheVerge



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