Super dad makes beeping Easter Egg for visually-impaired daughter

Beeping Easter Egg

The most fun part about holidays during Easter is the Egg Hunt competition. To find and collect eggs hidden at various location around a neighborhood or house. While normal kids enjoy this traditional game to the fullest, the unfortunate blind ones cannot do the same. One dad set out to change this notion and developed beeping Easter eggs for his 10-year-old daughter, Rachel. Now that is one example of a super dad doing something really special for his super special child.

David Rachel managed to do this by fitting a plastic egg with a 9-volt battery, switch, beeper and battery clip. Of-course with help from his collages at the Birmingham, Alabama police department. 40 police and bomb experts met David at the local church to construct 40 of these beeping eggs quite easily since they have vast experience in electronic circuitry.

David has been quite popular with the kids since he has made many of such Easter eggs for blind kids who just love to play the traditional game now! And each of these eggs costs just $12 USD to make and you can also make one for yourself by following the instructions provided by him.

Via: Mirror



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