Jet-powered Snowboard will make you experience the G-force

Jet powered Snowboard

For winter sports junkies who want an adrenaline rush without giving a damn about any safety issues, this DIY is ideal. A jet-powered snowboard that could cut your fingers or severe your face! Alright, enough about all the things that could go wrong while riding this power-boosted snowboard, and on to what could be the advantages. Imagine you are on a slope and want a thrill rush but can’t build enough speed to do so. Jet-powered snowboard is the apt gadget you need to do so.

Jude Gomilla, a keen DIYer got the idea of making a 3D-printed mount for a snowboard and then put an electric fan inside it. This would provide around 22lbs of thrust, enough to hit speeds of 15mph on flat snow surface. The 4000mAh battery attached to the whole rig lasts for four minutes on full throttle which is enough to give you the ultimate kick.

Jude carefully designed the model using Tinkercad and 3D-printed it using the Ultimaker 2 printer in 4 parts and then put them together using super glue. Thereafter, he glued the fan onto the supporting base and tested the whole thing indoors in controlled conditions and then finally in outdoor conditions.

The video that you see above is the testing footage of Jet-powered Snowboard in Kirkwood, Tahoe, US shot with a GoPro camera. You can also make one yourself, but it is advised to take precautionary measures since the electronics have to be configured in the right way.

Via: Gizmodo



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