Student designs Solar-powered Dress that charges your gadgets on the go

Solar powered dress that charges gadgets

Fusing wearable technology and environmentally-friendly energy harvesting resources is going to shape-up the future without a doubt. And those who invest their time and intellect in doing so will greatly help the human race in restoring planet Earth back to its original state. It is even more heartening when a high school student materializes a cool idea into reality, just like a Southview High School student did and landed herself into the international meeting in Maryland.

Allison Clausius presented her solar-powered dress which can charge your mobile devices, at the 52nd Ohio Junior Science and Humanities Symposium held at Bowling Green State University. Her smart dress can charge a smartphone in about an hours’ time, very similar to what normal charging kits do. The dress has solar panels embedded in a very immaculate way so that it blends-in with the dress design seamlessly.

There is not much about the technical details of this dress but we can expect to learn more at the State Science Day and the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair in Columbus, Ohio where Allison will be showing the solar-powered dress.

Via: ValleyNewsLive



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