Dirt cheap Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch is bliss

Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is up for pre-order now, and your elite smartwatch is going to go through chalk and cheese once you sport in on your wrist. Just like your smartphone or tablet, a smartwatch also needs protection form wear and tear so that it’s outer skeletal is not damaged. Hence comes the need for a bumper case, and Actionproof is the first in its league to understand that prerequisite. Slated as the first ever bumper case for a smartwatch, the Actionproof Bumper Case for eye-candy Apple Watch will provide premium protection to your wearable.

Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch

The bumper case has been designed keeping in mind the various sensors and other buttons on the Apple Watch, so that it does not interfere with any of your routine actions. No matter what kind of lifestyle you have, whether it is a very adventurous one or routine daily life, there is always a chance of your smartwatch bumping into objects. So, if you have ordered an Apple Watch for yourself, don’t give second thoughts about buying a bumper case for it.

Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch

Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch has already been successfully funded on Indiegogo for its design and the fact that it does not add too much to the slim form factor of the smartwatch. The bumper comes in three color options – black, orange and white which you can choose according to your Apple Watch model. The Actionproof Bumper case is up for pre-order and it comes at a dirt cheap price of $35 USD considering the amount of money you have spent on buying the smartwatch. And it is an even more attractive accessory to buy if you have gone for the $10,000 special edition Apple Watch!

Actionproof Bumper case for Apple Watch



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