Lego PC case mod with all buttons hidden tactically

Lego Mod PC case mod

We have a strong affinity for PC case mods, and in our back-to-back lineup of some incredible PC case mods is the Lego Mod v3 by [Aribarambo]. As the name suggests, this PC case mod is made from Lego bricks, and intended for daily use. It has all the buttons and switches placed very cleverly, some even disguised as pressable Lego bricks.

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In the guts of this Lego PC case mod is a MSI H971 AC (Intel H97 chipset), Intel Core i3 processor, on a Mini-ITX mainboard. The power button is disguised as a Lego brick itself, meaning that no one else can turn it on without prior knowledge. Same goes for the LED light switch that turns on and off all the ambient lights setup inside the case mod.

Other than that this PC case mod has all the requisite hardware such as expansion slots for MSATA SSDs on the front, IR receiver and BT module. The case has been designed in such a way that it keeps the hardware cool with the use of a silent fan. The power supply for the case comes from a Mini-Box picoPSU-90.

Overall the PC case looks quite cool, shaped like a futuristic lunar lander. Here are some more pictures, enjoy!

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