My Hand – A bionic hand that feels like a real limb

My Hand Bionic hand by Institute of Biorobotics

Scientists at the Institute of Biorobotics in Pisa, Italy headed by Christian Cipriani have developed a bionic hand that they call My Hand in short. Myoelectric-Hand Prosthesis project is aimed at making an artificial limb that looks very close to a real hand with the option of choosing skin tone and also functions like one. The brain-controlled prosthetic hand is made from silicon-coated exoskeleton that is supported by thin titanium sheets that weight somewhere around 7 ounces, making it a light-weight artificial hand. This project has huge potential and is funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) for € 400,000.

My Hand Bionic hand by Institute of Biorobotics

My Hand uses non-invasive wearable technology to bring back the feel of a real hand to an amputee.

This bionic hand is fitted with wearable sensors that track the nerve movements of the limb and then actuate this into real movement of finger(s) and hand. The movement of the fingers of this artificial hand is very precise with three separate electric motors in structure of aluminum alloy, the fingers can be closed within the blink of an eye. With a special mechanism called Wheel Geneva, the thumb and flexion of index finger can be rotated easily without hampering the movement of other parts and also permits separate movement for activities like writing on a keyboard or grasping objects of varying sizes.

My Hand Bionic hand by Institute of Biorobotics

This bionic hand is being tested on 32-year old Fauglia, Micro Menini who lost his right hand in an accident during work. The project is making steep progress and with able support from Ministry of Education, University and Research looks to make even more technological breakthroughs in artificial hand market.

My Hand Bionic hand by Institute of Biorobotics

Source: BioroboticsInstitute



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