Floome breath analyzer takes care of your bad boozing days

Floome breathanalyzer

Smartphones these days can do anything you want, virtually everything with accessories and apps by your side. Vodafone Italy and 2045 Tech have partnered to make a breath analyzing accessory based on the Vortex technology used by law enforcement officials in their breath analyzers. Vodafone Floome is Europe’s first breath analyzer that measures alcohol level with an iOS, Windows or Android smartphone. It measures BAC (Body Alcohol Concentration) and then calculates the time it will take to dispose-off your BAC according to your weight, gender, height and age.

Floome breathanalyzer

The accessory is designed in such a way that it analyzes your metabolism for more precise results as and when you consume alcohol. With the connected app you can send message to friends about your location if your BAC is very high, so that you don’t end up on the pavement for the whole night! To use Floome, all you have to do is connect it to the audio jack of your smartphone and then open its mouthpiece and blow into it.

This smartphone connected breath analyzer doesn’t require any batteries and according to the makers it is best used 20 minutes after you’ve had your last drink. Just blow into the device and you alcohol consumption is analyzed in no time. The accessory is slated to be available later this year for an undisclosed price.

Source: Vodafone



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